” Russian Collusion or Democratic Illusion”

” Russian Collusion or Democratic illusion”

A magic show at the end of the day, is still a magic show, is it Not ?

Trump isn’t going to make enemies with Russia, they only exposed the truth ,, since when is it collusion to expose the truth…? the Democrats broke their oath, the law, n violated the U.S. CONSTITUTION. , they got caught with thier pants down, plain n simple,,,so now they have to spin the story that Russia meddled and hacked us..lol,,,,the Democrats leaked it with weak security infrastructure in place to prevent hacking., and to prevent intentional leaking or un-intentional leaking.
Either way, it’s NOT Russia’s fault,whether they hacked or whether it was all leaked, intentional or not,,,,the blame and responsibility rests solely on the Democrats weak security infrastructure and by them breaking the law by accepting bribes, and dealing 20% of our Uranium reserves to what they claim is a ” enemy”.
Let me ask you this.
If your defense is weak and the other team rushes for 200 yards in a game,,whose fault is it..?
The Dems say it’s the offense’s fault…lmfao..
I call bullshit,,it’s your shitty weak defense that allowed it.

Here’s the reality.,
The only collusion is twofold.

1. Hillary with Uranium 1.
N Obumma.
2. Russians only colluded to expose our own American traitors,,the Dems,,lol.

If anything,,if Russia didn’t expose what they found n didn’t tell Trump,,,that would have been real interference. , besides,,lol,,, wasn’t Obama President when this ” alleged collusion” happenned. ?? Shouldn’t he be examined for said atrocities.?trump-putin-1523


Never Surrender, Never apologize for being American. ……

*** ReadFB_IMG_1508448175424 Read this slowly. . I mean really slow…read it again…and again..dissect all nuances.
” You have rights to ammunition and guns..sufficient to supress your own government to ensure freedom”
Now I ask you again,,” DO YOU STILL THINK AR15S an AK47S should be banned…?
If we disarmed ourselves today,,would Islamic Terrorism increase ?
Would China think they could invade a weak people. ?
Would criminals see this as opportunity to strike on unlimited amounts of soft targets ???
The forefathers knew these vital things were important to secure a truly free Country , they knew the British in 1776 were not going to leave America if we just asked them politely.
The next time some anti-gun, anti- American says we need to ban weaponry, look him squarely in the face and say,,,
” how dare you jeopardize my freedoms, my liberties, my pursuit to life, liberty and happiness granted to me by God first, my creator, as well as granted to me by my forefathers who created the bill of rights..!
Then tell him this , ” I’f you don’t like it, it’s time for you to leave America.

P. Barca

Veterans Day,  Nov.11, 2017

” Black Soldiers of the Confederacy ”

download (4)~The truth here, is that the civil war wasn’t fought over slavery, it was fought over state autonomy, the states of the south wanted to remain independent, secession was a term used by the south to say ” we choose not to join the Norths attempt to force us together as one country” the North had no right to invade a sovereign territory and force it’s will as if it they themselves were without blemish ~

Imagine if Canada said to us in America right now this, ” we have many issues with the way you people in America are conducting affairs”, we therefore ask you to join Canada as one Nation otherwise we will declare war”
How would we react,,yep, you guessed it,, just like the southern people did,,,”‘ screw off ”
But yet today many claim that the south should have just rolled over and said yes.
Can you see the hypocrisy here ?
President Lincoln also said to the south this.,” if you pay the Union a tartiff/tax we will not move against you or wage war and our Congress will not legally seek war against you”
I believe it was called the ”cord act ”, so let’s get this straight, if the South payed the North money, they would just ignore every issue the south supposedly had and slavery..?
Hypocrisy you see here again.,?
Why did many slaves return back to Dixie-land years after the war ended , it was because the North treated them even worse the vast majority of the time,,,the North in general gave them no sleeping quarters or food.
I don’t accept any condition of human suffering , I only say the truth must be told.
The facts remain download (4) ”black men also fought for the Confederate army by their own free will”


End of October, 2017

~To the minority of hate; ” mind your business, & respect the US Constitution”

download (2)

~ It’s not a right or left thing,,it’s not a Republican or Democratic thing,,it’s a right or wrong thing..!

A general statement,,to the masses,,specifically to the spineless, the weak, those that complain without doing; To many people bitch,,,not many people do anything other then bash, slam , ridicule.
This is America,,let’s stop forcing our agendas down everyone’s throat, ,,,Jesus Christ,,,you like horses,,great,,,,you like guitars,,great…buy em,,,just dont force anyone not to buy them, or to buy them. SAME FOR GUNS,,or anything. !
This is the problem today,,,nobody mines their business anymore.
Yea,,I’m tired of all this whining already,,,,you don’t like something, go about it the right way and do something, ,just make sure your not trying to take another Americans rights away. How many people write their Senators, Congressman, or local politicians,..??? , you will find these same agitators, and complainers are the ones that never write, or get off their recliners , yet this twisted minority of white n black people are the ones jeopardizing all of our freedoms, liberties, and now our happiness ..??? Hate group’s splintering, and pitting the masses against each other,,,,the devil at his best.
I have a suprise, God’s watching all this, pick a side already,,,pick the side no one’s talking about,, ~~~~This side is all of us people that want what’s right n just, the people that have not chosen a side based on color, the people who have chosen to preserve America based on the US CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, AND THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.
Its called the bill or rights,,,,,”not the bill of rights unless it’s popular, or the bill of possible needs.”
We will eventually rise from all this, it will be darkest before the dawn, if we as a Nation can’t be one Nation under GOD , and continue down the devils path, your going to meet him. One thing is certain, one thing i do know my brothers is this, ~ GOD’S truth will shine through again , through the mist on a morning yet to come, the meadow-lark, and eagle will sing on this morning.


End of October 2017

” 1st Amendment ” ”flags n heritage”


” Days gone by,” we must learn from the past, otherwise we are doomed to repeat it”
We can’t erase history by taking down the Confederate flag, monuments, and statues, the civil war was fought over many issues, mainly to secure Southern states rights, autonomy and independence as well as from not joining the union as 1 nation. We must fully understand this before passing judgment on the south, many southerners were simple, God fearing people, not all were slave owners, less then 20 % ,however, no amount of slavery was right or acceptable we all know this, ofourse, however that’s the way it was.
Many southerners didn’t even believe in slavery as well, yet it’s never even mentioned. Do those people and their ancestors deserve no flag ? No monuments ? No pride.? No link to the past..? That’s inappropriate, un -American, and quite frankly a violation of our US Constitution, amendent #1 freedom of speech, regardless of what judgements have recently been made, ,if you really stop and think about what I’m saying, I’m correct. No vote ? no public forums were made on behalf of people in the south or north,?,just some small minority percentage of people get to decide the fate of thousands of Americans just like that.?
Seems absurd, and extremely Un-American., it breeches freedom of speech in my view, as well as the US constitution, ,and I’m from the North if anyone’s wondering.
Just as African American people think it’s unfair for white Americans to view them as all the same and not as individuals, how then is it not racsism to believe everyone living in Dixie then or now is a racist ??
We must all come together and finally put the past behind us accepting it as the past,,if we continually live in the past we simply can’t see today or our future. We can’t erase history or sweep it all under the rug by taking flags, and monuments down because we believe that these things mean only 1 thing. The south was a whole lot more then 1 issue alone,,,,to say the flag represents 1 issue is like saying Martin Luther King jr. Only liked black people.,,,,we know that isn’t true either., should his memory be erased because perhaps a select few think so..?
I say no it shouldn’t, ,,neither should anyone’s flag or heritage be vulnerable to extinction because a very select few individuals deem it bad or politically incorrect.
We the people, all people, need to get real with these issues, we need to talk more in person, in open forums, discuss things like human beings instead of all this Internet hate that’s going on, ,it’s like we’re all living in this crazy cyber-world that is half real , half fake.
In closing, this article is meant to bring people together,,all people,,some may say it’s a dream, it will never happen, hey, they may be right, but I’m willing to try something different, I’m willing to write openly, and honestly without fear of condemnation, or ridicule. , invite a person of different race or religion into your home, break bread with them, remember governments don’t make peace, people do. If we all did this we have a much better chance to make this a better world for our children. This is the main reason I’m writing here, and on my new website ” we the people”
Taking anyone’s flags down or monuments,or statues down is wrong, it also further ignites more hatred towards each other. Just one look around the Internet tells us this. The Internet is just that, a net, your in a net outside from the real world, sometimes we need to get out of the butterfly net.
Just think if we all took a few minutes a day to reflect on what God would say,,then look at yourself in the mirror before you go to bed, ask yourself this,,,did I really try to reach out to even 1 person today and make this place a better world ? If we all could say yes,,then I wouldn’t have had to write this article.

Paul A. Barca  October 24, 2017

Monuments, Statues, history, heritage, & hypocrisy. …

images (9)Let me be first to say this, I’m not racist, I don’t care if your purple, green, white or black, what I do care about is right or wrong. We all know there are good and bad in every color, religion, creed, nationality,  or whatever fancy buzzword you can think of. My purpose in this article is to tell you the truth no matter what, regardless if it’s popular or not.

There really are just 2 sides,,right and wrong,,PERIOD. I’ll save the Grey areas for the devil,,he does all his best works in those shades of grey.  We need to get over this whole thing of  ” The cop is racist because I’m black,,”

Let me tell you this, if a white person had a gun in his hands, or even without a weapon,,,let’s just say the white person aggressively walked towards a cop,,,trust me,,your ass is going to hit the pavement to, the cop isn’t going to say,,”oh,,your white, I can’t stop you or throw your ass to the ground”.

That being said, yes, we have racist cops, racist black people exist to. You know it and so do I. Newsflash,  it isn’t going away, and quite frankly it will never, until every last racist person changes their hearts and minds and actually lives in reality.  You know and I know that’s a good dream or fantasy  world, however, it will never be,,,perhaps in the next one it will,,,but until that day, we have to deal with the fact, that no matter who we elect, no matter how many rebel flags black people try to eliminate,,no matter how many historical monuments black people try to eliminate,,racism isn’t going anywhere,,,nor is history.

Reality is this, no amount of monument or statue elimination is going to make a black person love a white person, the opposite is also true, a white person won’t love a black person because of that either.

In America, we never really were one country, ,not before the civil war, not after, and certainly not today. One look at our globe tells us that were just a big piece of land divided into a 48 peices, and 2 separate ones off the lower 48.

We have people from every culture, religion,  color, you name it,,we have it.

Our much celebrated diversity over the last 200 plus years is a nice warm fuzzy illusion,unfortunately,  as we can all see, this big dream and question of,, can’t we all just get along sugarcoating doesn’t exactly work. , and the answer to that question is No.

Hell, white people can’t even get along,,am I allowed to say white,? I hope I didn’t offend anyone, if so, sorry, deal with it.

We need to realize that we cannot bury or forget history, it doesn’t work that way, what we can do is this,,,let’s learn from it.

Seeking to destroy Southern Heritage and monuments, and the Confederate flag is racist,,yep,,I actually said that, ,,I told you in the beginning of this article I’m telling you the truth no matter what.

Why could he say such a thing,,,how could he..? Simple, ,the 1st amendment says I can. Here’s more truth, did you know not every Southerner believed in slavery, as well as less then 20 %,,and I actually think it was even less then that, we’re actually slave owners..?

I’m not saying even 1% is acceptable, ,all I’m saying is this,,,when you try and erase someone’s hertiage, or tradition make sure you really think about it first. Because the South was a whole lot more then slavery,  so why the hell are people making it the only issue..?

Southern life represented many  good things as well, southern cooking, southern hospitality, friends, family, guns, hunting, some good whiskey,,cards,,horses,,fishing, music,,just being outdoors on a warm southern night,maybe even a beautiful sunrise listening to the birds singing,,, or maybe even a politically incorrect cigarette or two.

I won’t pretend bad things didn’t happen either, slavery the worst of them,, no man has the right to own another. In no way could anyone say it was right.

Here’s the truth, you ready,,sorry, I have to, ,,African American people were sold to the English who went to Africa, the head masters or leaders in Africa sold their own people off to be slaves, ,off to Jamaica, and the islands, and off to America was the next stop.

This should have never happened,  but it did,,,,it was the way of life down South,,slavery was the way history went, it also became life as people knew it. Good, bad,  or indifferent,  we must accept history,  because in reality,  we have to.

All of these things were wrong, however,  remember this, their were plenty of Southerners who didn’t believe in slavery, and lived a life of simplicity,  their confederate flags and all those monuments and statues meant and means something different and a whole lot more then any liberal, or what many Africa Americans may believe.

How would African American people feel if we took away BET,,,black entertainment network, the United negro college fund, because we felt it was racist, or seeked to take down anything related to Martin Luther King,,?, because we believed he was an agitator along with Malcom X…?

All this being said, I think it’s a sad day in America when a certain ethnic base can just decide somethings right, act upon it, and do it, without even a public forum, or vote, ,last time I checked this is America,, right..?  Could erasing Southern Hertiage also be considered a form of racism towards thousands of southerners that were not slave owners or racist,  why should those people be denied their southern hertiage, surely speaking that’s a form of racism.

Lastly, ,what about the forgotten American Indians,,the only true Americans ,,,they are the ones that should be screaming,,,they had their whole country taken from them,,they were also beaten and killed,,,they were a truly peaceful people that didn’t draw imaginary lines within their country and then pretend it was 1 nation. They lived off the land with respect for all living things, and were very spiritual. Yet, today remain largely silent,  why,,because they accept the past,  and deal with today.

What about Columbus ?? ,,,to this day this Italian explorer never gets all recognized credit, I mean he only discovered America,, there isn’t any complete recognition of a federal holiday.? , ,schools still remain open in certain states ??. I say that’s racism to,,I mean this guy only discovered America for other European people that quite frankly didn’t have the spine to do it. Yet, Italian people remain silent, accepting the past for what it was., and they deal with today.

Marconi, another Italian, invented the telephone,  however gets no credit because Thomas Edison and company had the money, the name, and the backing,,  therefore the purchasing power to claim the invention as if he himself invented it. Yet, Italians remain silent.

America’s Vespucci,,,hello,,,,another Italian explorer who gets no mention,,,for Christ sakes,,our country’s only named after him. I believe Vespucci came before Columbus.

What about Italian explorer John Caputo,,or as the history book says John Cabot,,,why,,,he had to cut his name because people hated Italian people., and the name had to be more English.   Remember, those who write the history books were English , and those who write history books , make history.

Did you also know Italian people were paid less then Black people according to New York City watershed payroll records, ,where it clearly shows Italians made less per hour then Blacks..?  Google it, if you don’t believe me.

Bottom line is this, ,many ethnic groups have been hated upon,,,ethnic slurs, hatred,  beatings,,killings and more.

Let’s not pretend we can just make it all go away with legislation, ,or some zealous maneuvers to take monuments down.

Race relations get worse when we ignore reality, and when good people of truth fail to tell the truth or stop any of this ridiculous behavior from happening.

I almost forgot,,I’m from the North if any of you are wondering, I also have friends that are African American, ,,which i have today, and since i was 5 yrs old.

In closing, if I offended you I truly am not sorry for telling it the way the truth needs to be told,,,to many leaders today and people are so afraid,,,politicians are so afraid of bad press, liberal groups bashing them,,,alienating a specific voter base, ,and regular people are afraid of what their friends may think or their Facebook followers,  quite frankly that’s why we’re in the shape we are in this country,,,,to many sugarcoaters, not enough truth-tellers.

Paul Barca  October 18 , 2017



Tyrannical government, leads to eventual collapse…

images (8)Wall st Collusion with political leaders, corporate America, and big banking spells disaster eventually.

Our global markets are manipulated daily by these seemingly above the law politicians and rich business tycoons, so rich men can profit.,,all at the tax payers expense. When will it end.? Will Trump get tough on wall st., and big business/banking collusion on global market manipulation…?

You ever wonder why, overnight the gas prices go up like .25 cents per. gallon, however, when it goes down,,it’s only at .01 cents? Supply and demand can’t explain this lopsided and consistent increase per gallon. This has been happening for years, ,,we always blame the Arabs, ,truth is,,it’s really us,,,yep,,us. We can thank all the parties I just mentioned earlier in my post.

Where is all the state lottery money going each time no one wins..? Have you ever wondered.? I see no news reports, or audits on these un-official state taxes. .?

How come Obama-care isn’t mandatory for the Senate, The House, and all politicians, ,but us less important people have to have it..?

It’s unconstitutional to force-feed Americans health care,,it should be an option. Force-feeding unconstitutional gun legislation is also very much immoral, and very much tyrannical.

What about student loans that government officials never have to pay back..? Free gas cards for them and their entire families, free medical and postage, ,they even vote YES for themselves on pay raises,,,when’s the last time you or I did that..?   They continue to rape the social security system,,as well as from the Medicare system.  What about those million dollar all expenses paid for by the American tax payer vacations they all take.??

How come if Hillary Clinton goes to Manhattan she’s protected by firearms, but you can’t do the same..?

Our forefathers warned us of these types of tyrannical governments, ,yet we all sit by and watch,,we doing but complain all day in facebook, or word press,,,,I call for more,,,,I call for us to unite as a people regardless of skin color, or religion,,,let’s start at the top,,,we need to clean house already.

I will say again how important the 2nd amendment is to America and freedom.

The 2nd amendment was created to prevent government tyranny. We had to run out the British in 1776 because of taxation without representation,,,what America is dealing with in 2017 is far worse, believe me. You may say my views are extreme, or politically incorrect, others may be on board 100%, all I say is,,I speak the truth here, as I do always in my articles, to you, to my friends,  my family,,but most of all I hold myself accountable to what my creator thinks of me,,God the Father.

Please read what Alexander Hamilton said;

Alexander Hamilton also recognized the necessity of overthrowing an abusive government, as he wrote in Federalist Paper 28: “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense.”

Shockingly, a number of people claim that the Second Amendment only applies to militias and not to private citizens. Well, the Founding Fathers would certainly scoff at this absurd insinuation. Thomas Jefferson wrote in his draft to the Virginia Constitution:

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

Samuel Adams boldly stated:

“The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”

The Supreme Court has also upheld the constitutional right of American citizens to keep and bear arms, as the landmark D.C. v. Heller case clearly shows.

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.

When is enough , quite frankly enough,,? When is our government going to actually represent it’s people 100%.?  50% isn’t good enough.

When will we the people argue and demand better for ourselves ,, ,,tomorrow,  next week,  next year,,,,or never.??  what price then will we put on our dignity tomorrow  ?    Because if it’s all just a matter of being a lazy society,,,then what kind of world are we willing to accept for our children..?

If you don’t believe our country’s in serious trouble, divided and the dizzying array of disasterous outcomes that are possible, perhaps you will believe the man below.

Christ said over 2000 years ago, ” a house divided cannot stand”

I’m here to tell you my brothers and sisters,,it’s time has surely come.

Paul Barca  October 17, 2017







Tom n’ Jerry meet Wayne of The NRA

download (1)The NRA is playing cat n’ mouse games with trying to become friends with both, the Republicans n Devilcrats, this to me is upsetting.
You simply have to pick a side, and stay the course, no compromise, no consessions, to do so with inalienable God given rights is dealing with the devil.
The truth is just that, the truth ,,there simply is no need for consessions or apologizes on any gun issue that’s safe guarded under the bill of rights, and 2nd amendment, whether it be bump stocks or whatever else,,,to do so is weak and spineless,,,,where does it end then.????? the NRA should be the NRA,,,not some negotiating committee on gun rights or constitutionality. Remember the part that says ” shall not be infringed ” does anyone even remember what this means..? It means any change ,,,any infringement.
Nowhere is it written that our rights are subject to debate.
The NRA is wrong here for stroking both parties, hopefully not with monetary payoffs to these politicians. My feeling is that the NRA is going to get National Repcipriocity of Concealed Carry ofcourse at probably a $100. registration fee in exchange for and conceeding the ban of bump stocks. Seems like an overall win for the NRA, as I myself would rather have a NATIONAL carry permit over a bump stock, it makes sense at a glance, to give a peanut to get a bag. However, it’s the wrong course of action , because everything after this is set up for debate, discussion, and consessions.
The NRA is playing in the sandbox with the devil,,,,to say it’s un-intelligent is an understatement. ..!

Paul Barca  October 15, 2017

Why the political left is wrong on gun control…..



99% percent of people never even heard of a bump stock until October 2017. Why is this..?

BECAUSE, nobody uses them in reality,  these are just ridiculous novelty accessories that add simply ZERO value to any rifle.

The facts are this; bump stocks make the rifles stock actually bump and move around so much it makes presise shot placement ridiculously hard.

The facts are this; the rifle is much more susceptible to jamming,  rendering the rifle inoperable. 

These two facts illustrate why banning them will simply do nothing to increase public safety. 

Yes, your saying about, rate of fire is so fast spraying bullets all over,,,rate of fire means nothing, if you don’t believe me, you simply have no combat military experience.

  The military uses semi-automatic mode for their offensive killing manuevers,,why you ask.

These are the facts; because semi- automatic short burst controlled 3 to 5 shot sequence fire is  ” the bees knees”  for disposing enemy personnel on the battlefield. 

These are the facts; fully automatic fire is mainly used for defensive cover fire to advance a solider up field closer to the enemies position.

These are the facts; if bump stocks were so deadly, how come the military doesn’t use them..??

ASK the left if they know these facts, I’m betting they don’t know what they are even trying to ban, or talking about. Pelosi, Feinstein, Clinton, and that immoral comedian Kimmel are preaching stupidy. Last time I checked he’s not a politician,  he gets paid to make people laugh not get political,  I guess his sponsors also sponsor leftist views.


These are the facts; If all these political whores were really interested in saving lives and making this world better here’s a list they should start with: Let’s eliminate the following;

Free medical and dental benefits.

Free gas cards for them N their family members.

Free postage.

Lavish family vacations on tax payer money.

Pay raises voted for by themselves.

(When’s the last time you voted for a pay raise for yourself)

Hey America,  how come they have all these benefits and we dont.

Heres a newsflash, , because they truly don’t represent us. No government worker should have benefits the common man doesn’t. LET’S trim all the government fat first, then I just might believe all these anti-American,  anti-bill of rights political prostitutes.

Hey Senator Feinstein,  how come the state of California released all those criminals back into our society over the last 10 years..?  It’s because you believe in the safety of Americans, oh yeah, ,I forgot. 

Banning bump stocks is like banning sprinkles on an ice cream cone,,does nothing, but may make the cone look better to some.

Paul Barca October 15, 2017









Gun Controls’ ‘Slippery Slope’, Democrats Say So What? — Give Me Liberty



H/T AmmoLand. To borrow a quote from Ronald Reagan “There you go again.” It is the same old tired line of bull shit just on a different day. by Sean Maloney, Attorney at Law, Opinion When asked whether the bill might represent a slippery slope toward other gun restrictions, Nancy Pelosi said, “So what? . […]

via Gun Controls’ ‘Slippery Slope’, Democrats Say So What? — Give Me Liberty

”who do any of these politicians think they are breaching the bill of rights ? “

Last time I checked we Americans have a U.S. constitution,  bill of rights,  and a little thing called the declaration of independence,  last time I checked these very things are indeed our country,, not for some tyrannical government officials to toy with, and disregard,  and disrespect,  I have rights to.

SHE , Pelosi, said ” so what”  when asked if this would lead to further gun control.

I call for an overthrow of our own, it’s time already for all of us true Americans to once and for all tar, and feather all these unconstitutional political figures.

No way we need to accept this outrageous behavior anymore.

Patrick Henry said ” Be on gaurd always for government tyranny, ”

” Once A government is corrupt, there’s no fixing it except by brute force”

It’s time America,,,it’s never been more right,  more justified,  more appropriate then now.

We need a government by the people and for the people. Not a tyrannical self serving one wishing to re-write our bill of rights.

I call for a proposal that any member of Congress, Senate, House of Representatives , up to the Presidency, everyone paid by the American tax payers be required to believe in the U.S. Constitution,  Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

There called the bill of rights for a reason. It’s not called ” the bill rights except in the cases of tragedies ”

Imagine if we tried to ban freedom of speech, or the right to assemble.???

The 2nd Amendment, the right to Bears arms is the only right that isn’t free, we have to purchase a gun permit at our expense, ,that’s unconstitutional as well, and a story for another day.

I’m fine with having a gun permit, but if the government requires it, they should pay for it.

Sincerely, Paul Barca

October 12, 2017